GMOs: The Best and Worst of 2016

“We must accept the reality that what happens in Ghana happens to all of us. We must realize that a threat to food sovereignty anywhere, is a threat to food justice everywhere.”


GMOs: The Best and Worst of 2016

Notable events, publications and news

By Jeff Kirkpatrick – Ban GMOs Now

A lot happened in 2016. The DARK Act Extreme was made into law in July. In October, one highly anticipated event that took place was the Monsanto Tribunal. One of the main goals of the Tribunal was get a legal opinion about alleged crimes committed by Monsanto, with the goal of focusing on ecocide. This legal opinion will not be legally binding, but it is expected to set the groundwork for hopefully transforming international laws – specifically, the inclusion of the definition and an enforcement procedure for criminal conduct known as ecocide.

At this point it is too early to assess the overall long-term impact the Tribunal may have. Initially a goal was set for December 2016 for the legal opinion to be issued. However, the time frame has been pushed…

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GMO Reports

GMO Reports

By Jeff Kirkpatrick – Ban GMOs Now

This is a working post that will be updated periodically. Last update: January 9, 2017

GMO Reports” is a list of publications from over 35 organizations from the U.S. and around the globe from around the 1980’s to the present. The primary focus is on reports, fact sheets, issue briefs and studies related to GMOs. Also included are publications related to agricultural issues and various approaches to sustainable agriculture (including agroecology and organic agriculture); pesticides, including insecticides and herbicides that are used in agriculture; Congressional hearings; international trade and more. Although some articles are on this list, they are generally excluded unless they are connected to a report in some way (with some exceptions). This is a working post that will be updated on occasion when possible. It is provided to assist in research and raise awareness about GMOs. Since the list…

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